Whether producing beef, dairy, or farming hogs, sheep, or goats, Calhoun’s bright and airy interiors create healthy, calm, and well-ventilated environments for your herd. Studies have shown that an increase in the amount of light a dairy cow is exposed to will increase their milk production almost immediately. The shape and flexibility of our fabric buildings provide optimal indoor temperatures for your livestock, providing lower utility costs while keeping your herd healthy.


Calhoun’s naturally bright interior and ventilation provide consistent air quality and reduced airborne health problems caused by humidity and moisture. The thermally non-conductive properties of our fabric covers ensure a warmer interior during colder months and a cooler interior during warmer months.

In comparison to a traditional dark, wood or steel building, Calhoun’s fabric buildings offer natural daylight and superior air quality and ventilation – proven to produce increased weight gain, increased productivity, and an overall healthier herd.

Other Applications for Livestock Production Solutions: Calving Barn, Loafing Barn, Breezeway, Free Stall Barn, Milking Parlour

Bright and Airy

Calhoun’s fabric buildings provide natural light and ventilation, proven to reduce airborne health problems and keep livestock calm and productive. The shape of Calhoun’s fabric buildings offer consistent airflow for livestock.

Low Operational Costs

The thermally non-conductive properties of Calhoun’s fabric covers ensure a warmer interior during colder months and a cooler interior during warmer months. This, combined with less need for artificial lighting, reduces or eliminates energy costs.

Fully Customizable

The absence of interior columns or posts means you can configure your Calhoun fabric structure any way you like to accommodate your herd. From feeding facility, to breezeway, to a growing and finishing barn, improving the comfort of your herd helps maximize their productivity. Furthermore, you can incorporate a number of extra features including eaves, curtains, fans, water troughs, and feed bunks.

A Birthday Surprise

Industry: Equine Location: Vermont Dealer: Lussier Barn Builder Calhoun Building: CC 62 x 144 The Challenge: The customer wanted to surprise his wife with a brand new indoor riding arena for her birthday, and only had 10-days to have it planned, designed, engineered, and installed while she was away on a trip with a friend. The Solution: Calhoun, together…
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Adapted and Relocated

Industry: Salt Storage Location: Irondequoit, NY Dealer: Hybrid Building Solutions Calhoun Building: VP 80 x 240, HT Series 72 x 100, CC 62 x 40 The Challenge: The customer had to re-locate a building adjacent to a communications tower. Engineering the structure was a challenge for both the customer, Calhoun and Hybrid as clearance had to be maintained so not touch…
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B.C. Gold Mining Project

Industry: Mining Location: British Columbia Dealer: Absolutely Covered Calhoun Building: HT Series 50 x 80 The Challenge: The customer was in need of a structure in an incredibly remote area in northern B.C, Canada. The structure was needed for storage of electrical wires but the challenge was reaching, and installing, a structure in an area with a very high…
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Westerner Exhibition Cover-All Replacement

Industry: Equestrian Location: Red Deer, AB Dealer: Coverco Buildings Ltd. Calhoun Building: VP Series 100 x 160, and VP Series 100 x 140 The Challenge: Westerner Exhibition Park need to remove two collapsed Cover-All buildings, and the new buildings needed to be customized to utilize the existing foundation. Different bay spacing meant that the existing…
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Salt Dome Replacement

Industry: Salt Storage Location: South Frontenac, ON Dealer: Barrett's Farm & Family Centre Calhoun Building: VP Series 100 x 102 The Challenge: The original salt dome for the Township of South Frontenac needed replacement due to age. In addition, the storage needs had increased over the years with township amalgamations. Areas for both mixing and storing…
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See What Our Customers Are Saying
We’re very satisfied with our Calhoun building. The HSS post option was one of the main considerations that helped us make our decision. From the initial site visit to the building and completion of the structure, we were impressed with the National Building Group, their crew, and overall professionalism.

Martien Kusters

DutchDeltaFarms Ltd., Sarnia, ON

"(Calhoun), Greg Lussier, and their team performed a miracle by putting up this amazing indoor riding arena structure in the 10-day time period I was gone. I can not tell you how thrilled I am with this arena . . . instead of dreading another winter, I am now planning all the fun my horse buddies and I will have!"

Sandy Bender


"The building looks great both structurally and aesthetically. The crew did a great job putting the building up fast while maintaining high quality workmanship."

Joe Wisinski

County Highway Superintendent; Madison County, New York

"I am pleased by the friendliness and hard work of the crew, and ability to keep on schedule with the construction. Something that is quite rare nowadays. I would recommend Calhoun to anyone wishing to put up a large area under cover, quickly and efficiently, at a minimum cost."

J&B's Split Rock Farm

Weathersfield, Vermont

"We are very impressed with the quality of our Calhoun product, and the method employed to make the construction a pleasant and rewarding experience. Our structure was delivered in the time frame quoted, construction commenced on the promised schedule, and was completed with the utmost of efficiency and professionalism. Staff is highly competent, polite, and demonstrated concern for everything being exact."

Debra Anderson

Gaited Stables; Brandon, Vermont

“[I am] 200% happy with the customer service the Calhoun dealer, Hybrid Building Solutions, provided before, during and after the building was constructed. We looked at other solutions, but with the quick turnaround and recommendations from other government connections, in addition to the extra service and inspections, it was a win-win situation.”

Highway Superintendent

Town of Hermon; Hermon, New York

“We have a sound building with sufficient storage and the speed we need to keep up with the needs of our farmer-customers. Kudos to Greystone (and Calhoun) for making that happen.”

Lane Mielke

Area Operations Manager; Pinnacle Agriculture, South Dakota

"We have two Calhoun Super Structures on our farm and plan to build a third this year. The natural light and fresh air flow provide a superior environment for the animals. We used to raise our young stock in the old milking barn. Over the course of a winter, we would usually have a handful of illness cases. Now we raise them in our 40 x 90 Calhoun structure and this past winter, not one case of illness. These buildings are top notch."

Nick Meyer

North Hardwick Dairy; Hardwick, Vermont

"I can only recommend Calhoun to anybody who wants an indoor arena or any other type of Calhoun superstructure for that matter. The lighting is perfect, the high ceiling gives us lots of space, we don't feel crushed, and the opening rolling fabric spaces on the long sides of the arena make us feel outside during the summer months - it is perfect! The quality, the service, and the craftsmanship are just top of the line. Thank you so much Calhoun for making such a high-quality product!"

Michele Poitras


"I have seen neighbours’ structures with wind damage and our (Calhoun) arena has withstood some pretty strong wind gusts."


On the Forest Boarding; Stouffville, Ontario

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