Super Shield

Calhoun offers an extra layer of protection for your fabric structure if you are storing corrosive materials like fertilizer or salt.


Super Shield is our rubberized spray coating, designed to add an extra layer of protection on top of the hot dip galvanized steel to provide superior protection. Super Shield lengthens the life expectancy of your hot dip galvanized trusses and base plates by guarding against deterioration and corrosion.


The rubberized spray coating can be applied to foundations, base plates, and concrete block walls to receive extra protection at ground level. This creates a moisture barrier protection layer and seals cracks that lead to deterioration and corrosion. Expansion and contraction problems are minimized due to the flexibility of the elastic-like material.


Super Shield is a waterproofing method that is cost-efficient and effective while adding to the tensile strength of the structure. At Calhoun Super Structure, a certified applicator applies the Super Shield evenly using a sprayer.


Features and Benefits

Elastic-All Rubber:
Filler-free and highly elastic to bridge cracks and move with expansion and contraction.


Over 1,000 psi tensile strength.


Formulated with UV and weather-resisting rubber to provide long service life.


Spray applied as a monolithic membrane with no leaky seams.

Chemical Resistant:
Resistant to most water-borne chemicals including most concentrated acids and bases, such as fertilizer chemicals.


Certified Application:
Applied only by manufacturer and certified applicators.


Providing the most cost-effective waterproofing protective coating for your structure.


Environmentally Friendly:
Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, entirely asphalt-free.